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Aluminium or Aluminum is a material of the future; its excellent properties make it a very significant component in different industries. It is applicable in an extensive range of products that involve high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Lightweight and superior in performance, the metal has a great utility. The use of aluminum metal allows for highly engineered and complex parts that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, conducive as well as versatile.    

At Alloy Cast Pvt. Ltd., we make effective use of aluminum and cover numerous casting applications effectively. We specialize in Aluminium Alloy Castings that find use in a broad range of industrial applications. Also, we ensure low cost-to-production ratio and meet unique needs of clients. Our firm is renowned for its quality casting products and environmentally kind production activities.

We started our company in the year 1971 as a quality focused manufacturer of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous castings at best competitive prices. Since the time of our renowned foundation in the field of castings we have been catering to a wide spectrum of industries such as: Fan Industry, White Goods Industry (mixers & grinders, ovens, washing machines etc.), Automobile Industry and the Decorative Industry (candle stands, photo frames etc.) We widely deal in Aluminum Alloy Castings and Zinc Alloy Castings. Also, we are expert in ceiling Fan Rotors and intricate Aluminum Castings (LM-24, ADC-12, LM-6, LM-2).